Nissan provokes Porsche with teasing advert campaign

Nissan and Porsche don't have a lot of common customers, but Nissan is seemingly keen to emphasise where the two companies do cross over.

This appears to have got it into a bit of trouble with its German rival, as Nissan put a few noses out of joint with an ad campaign that it used around the Goodwood motor show.
Several of Nissan's cars bore a tally scoring system on their sides next to the logos of BMW, Audi and Porsche, signifying how many times the Japanese brand has beaten the three German companies at races at the Nurburgring track in Germany.

Porsche were not too pleased about this apparently, and senior execs contacted Nissan to point out that they had not given permission for the company to use their logo. It was then replaced with Porsche's name, while the BMW and Audi logos remained.

"The problem arose with them using our Porsche crests," said a spokesman for Porsche. "They are our property and we do not give permission to any company to use our crests without our permission. This applies to any company."
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