Ferrari denies Whiting responded 'immediately' in Britain

Stephan Heublein

Ferrari has denied Charlie Whiting's claim that the FIA official "immediately" advised Fernando Alonso to let Robert Kubica re-pass at the recent British grand prix.

The Italian team was critical of the timing of Spaniard Alonso's drive-through penalty, describing it as a "fact" that "decisions are taken slowly" by the authorities.

FIA race director Whiting this week hit back, revealing that - before the penalty was imposed - he advised Ferrari "three times" that Kubica should be allowed to re-pass Alonso, including "immediately" after the illegal overtake.

But Ferrari's team manager Massimo Rivola has now moved to clarify Whiting's contradiction, revealing that the Briton at one point said the matter would be investigated by the stewards after the race.