Workers left white line gap for badger

Workmen in Hampshire painting white lines on the A338 left a gap and carried on because a dead badger was in their way – and it wasn't their responsibility to move it.

Unfortunately the badger's grisly end meant that its own white stripes couldn't carry on the important work of splitting the road in two.

Hampshire County Council told the BBC News website that the workmen had decided to leave the break in the lines because it was New Forest District Council's responsibility to remove the week-old road kill and they weren't adequately trained.

Local businessman Kevin Maul said: "I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw this poor old badger who had been there over a week."

Hampshire County Council's environment boss, Mel Kendal, said that the badger has now been removed and "the gap in the white lines will be filled in, at no extra cost to the council tax payer."

The badger was given a pauper's funeral.
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