Tata announces 47 percent sales increase for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover's Indian owner Tata has announced sales for June were up 47 percent year-on-year for the brand, finishing off a successful first 12 months of ownership by the company.

Tata recently announced profits of £32m for Jaguar Land Rover in the financial year ending 31 March 2010, but wanted to hold off on any judgement as it had only bought the two car makers in June 2009. With sales of nearly 7,000 cars worldwide by Jaguar meaning a 59 percent increase and Land Rover sales of over 13,000 cars representing a rise of 41 percent since June last year, Tata will surely be happy about its recent investment.

Jaguar Land Rover will hope for a massive sales boost this year with the new Jaguar XJ on sale and excitement building ahead of the Range Rover Evoque going on sale in the middle of next year. Jaguar in particular had suffered under previous owner Ford from a reliance on retro-styling and appeal to the core Jaguar market. Tata hopes that the XJ will go some way broadening Jaguar's appeal to a wider – and much younger – audience.
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