Ferrari unveils 458 Challenge

Ferrari has taken the covers off a new lighter and faster version of its 458, the Challenge.

The mid-engined supercar has been created to take part in a one make series from the middle of next year.
The Italian company revealed the new version of the 458 at its annual dealer meeting, where it also announced that the one-make race series the car will compete in is being extended to include a new Asia-Pacific series.

The 458 Challenge features the same 4.5-litre V8 engine as the standard car, with the same 562bhp on offer. Changes have been made to the car to prep it for racing, including the gear ratios, which have been rejigged to allow higher torque levels at lower revs. It also gets the electronic differential of the road car, a first for a Ferrari track car.

Major weight reductions have also been employed, with the thickness of the body panels reduced and lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and Lexan featuring. There is no quoted weight for the 458 Challenge though.

Ferrari claims the 458 Challenge will lap its Fiorano test track two seconds faster than the F430 Challenge that it replaces – a good sign for when it takes part in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli with F430s, 360s, F355s and 348s.
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