Video: Chevrolet's rocket ship

Nic Cackett

If there's any kind of love left in your heart for the 'American Way' then this Chevrolet Corvette advert will be right up your street.

No one produces this kind of glossy, self-aggrandising tosh like our colonial cousins. Best not to think about it too hard and just let the soulful song of that supercharged 6.2-litre leviathan beneath the bonnet wash over you. Sorry, hood.

The second video shows that engine being hand-built by Chevrolet in Michigan. For the princely sum of $5,800 US buyers can opt to visit the GM Performance Build Center and help assemble the lump that will end up in their cars. Alternatively, you could wait for it to be delivered and then take it apart and rebuild it on your driveway.

Click below to watch the video.