Average driver racks up £283 in fines in their driving lifetime

The average motorist will collect an average of £283 in fines over their lifetime, according to new research.

This average is boosted by drivers from London who get stung for more than double that amount – a motorist in the capital accrues an average of £680 in fines over their motoring lifetime. Of this, £277 goes on speeding fines and £137 on parking punishment, while presumably a chunk of the rest goes on the congestion charge.
Elsewhere, the averages are much lower, and the North East is the next most highly fined area. Drivers there shell out an average of £352 in their lifetime.

If you want to live an untroubled driving life, then it seems Northern Ireland is the place to head. There, drivers pay just £90 in fines.

The gender divide is in evidence once again on this topic, with men collecting around £344 in fines, while women rack up more than £100 less at around £210.

Overall the fines add up to an annual cost of £200m, although a large chunk of those caught lie about the fact. The survey by Esure motor insurance found that 1.3 million drivers don't admit motoring offences to friends, family or even potential employers.
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