East London estate finds major fault with learner drivers

We've all seen them. Reversing nervously around corners or tucking slowly into parking spaces with the concentration of a NASA engineer. Learner drivers are a common site in suburbia, and one of the few vehicles which expects to be afforded a little extra time and space on a road network which considers both a commodity.

However, one housing estate in east London has finally lost patience with the sight of stuttering hatchback on its leafy streets.

The Firs Estate in South Woodford is thought to be one of the busiest places in Britain for learner drivers thanks to the establishment of a nearby test centre in 2001.

Since then there have been over 100 accidents reported in the area. A recent survey seen by the Daily Telegraph reported 409 trainee motorists in one 12 hour period.

Cars, property and even pedestrians have fallen foul of the steering-wheel feeding, kangaroo hopping learners, and local campaigners believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Residents have suggested installing "access only" signs on the busiest roads, but Redbridge Council dismissed the idea as impractical and pointed out that the learner drivers have as much right to use the public highway as anyone else.

The issue is unlikely to go away though. Driving school cars continue to queue up in the Firs Estate, and the campaign group's leader has vowed to resolve the matter in court if necessary.
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