Summer hair care

When summer is here it's time to think about the extra care your hair will need. Sun, heat, humidity, and chlorine will all cause damage to your hair'scuticle causing it to be dry, brittle or frizzy. We need to condition and moisture our hair regularly. Once damaged getting it back to a healthy state can be tricky, so prevention is better than cure. What steps can you take to keep your hair in tip top condition when the temperature rises? Here is some advice on how to manage this summer.

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Apply conditioner after every wash or whenever you wet your hair. It's best to avoid washing your hair regularly as there are natural oils present that act as moisturisers protecting your hair. Wash your hair with tap water at least once if you have been in the pool or swimming in the sea. This will remove any chlorine or salt from your hair. Wet your hair before swimming in the pool. If your hair is wet before you enter a pool, it won't soak up as much chlorine. Don't blow dry your hair, let it dry naturally or gently towel dry. Use a scarf when it is windy so you can prevent tangles, knots and breakage of your hair.

Limit time spent outdoors. The longer you stay out the drier and more damaged your hair will become. Split ends can be a real problem during hot weather. It's a good idea to have your hair trimmed regularly to keep it in good condition. Stylists recommend a cut every six weeks. You should also buy a good quality, leave in, conditioner for your hair, especially if you are going to be exposed to the sun for several hours.

Avoid peroxide at all costs during summer. Stay away from hair lighteners as many of these contain peroxide too. Peroxide can cause damage to your hair and change the colour far more than you would have planned once the sun gets to it.

If you have colour treated hair it's important that you use a conditioner with SPF protection that will prevent your hair colour from fading. There lots of hair products available that contain SPF protection for your hair and scalp. Any colour treated hair is vulnerable to the sunshine. If it has been dyed or highlighted it is especially prone to UV damage. This is because the process of colouring has already damaged the hair and the sun will make the cuticle even rougher so that the hair becomes more fragile and dried out. Take care of colour-treated hair by deep conditioning your hair. Use products containing keratin, jojoba oil, wheat germ protein or other natural ingredients that will increase condition.
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