Goodwood confirms Moving Motor Show to return in 2011

The Goodwood Festival of Speed organisers have confirmed that the first ever Moving Motor Show was enough of a success for it to return in 2011.

This year's show featured a day where members of the public and potential customers could test drive cars from many manufacturers' ranges up the famous hill at Goodwood. Lord March has confirmed it will not be just a one-off event, despite a minor incident involving a Honda Civic Mugen that damaged several valuable cars.
A statement from Lord March said the "inaugural event met with an extremely positive response from the vehicle manufacturers and visiting public alike".

"Many manufacturers reported taking orders for new cars during the Moving Motor Show, including a number of £100,000+ supercars, and many have already expressed their intention to return for the 2011 event, including a couple that did not participate in this year's show," said the statement.

One such company was Skoda, who explained to Autoblog UK that it preferred to wait and see how this year's show was received. Expect to see the company at next year's show, presumably with even more of its compatriots.
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