Production decision for GT by Citroen still pending

Despite reports that it had been canned, followed by ones that it was back on again, Citroen has confirmed that the decision on whether to make a production version of its stunning GT by Citroen concept has yet to be confirmed.

"It is still under evaluation," said a spokesman for the French company, adding that there has been no say on whether to definitely stop or go ahead with the project.
French media had reported that the company was going to concentrate on making small, sporty cars like the DS3 Racing and were not going to bother with a flagship sportscar.

But Citroen has told Autoblog UK that: "There has been no confirmation that we will not go ahead with the project."

Sadly there has been no definite say that Citroen WILL make more GTs, but we are furiously crossing anything we can that it will make a few more versions of the stunning car that made its debut at the 2008 Paris motor show.
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