New Audis to prevent dozy drivers misfuelling

Audi has decided to fit a new system to some of its major models that will prevent them being filled up with the wrong fuel.

The company has announced it will be fitting special fuel filler necks that will only open for the larger diesel pumps, and not for the narrower petrol nozzles, on the A4, A5 and Q5 models.
Customers that order one of these models now will get it with the misfuelling system included, but there is no word on which of Audi's range will be next to get the tech, or indeed when.

Misfuelling is a potentially expensive and time consuming mistake, as the tank has to be drained to prevent damage from running a diesel car with petrol. Audi says misfuelling instances are on the rise, largely down to the increase in performance from diesel cars.
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