Live from the launch: Nissan Murano

We might have been in Frankfurt to put the Juke through its paces, but Nissan wasn't going to waste its captive audience, and no sooner had the compact crossover been whisked away than its biggest brother was rolled out.

In sharp contrast to the Qashqai, the Murano has never sold particularly well in the UK. Nissan has always attributed this fact to the lack of a diesel option, and has put that right with the new version, which also gets a mild visual tweak and a much-improved satellite navigation system.
Beneath a restyled bonnet and grille sits a 187bhp 2.5-litre oil burner mated to a six-speed automatic. The entirely conventional engine offers precisely the kind of performance you'd expect, and goes about its business in workmanlike fashion.

It's utterly inoffensive, but effortlessly outclassed by similar offerings from Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota and Land Rover.

Unfortunately for Nissan, the same could be said about the Murano as a package. It isn't conspicuously bad – it's spacious, comfortable and reasonably refined – but with the equivalent Q5, Touareg, Land Cruiser and Discovery actually cheaper, it's hard to see it making much of an impression in the UK.
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