Renault unveils new electric DeZir concept

Renault has provided us with the first glimpse of a new concept that it will be pulling the covers off at the Paris motor show later this year.

The two-seater coupe is the first to have been created by Renault's new design chief, Laurens van den Acker, and supposedly takes inspiration from the designed with the new styling motto "Drive the Change" in mind. We're not sure what that means either, but let's hope the next crop of Renaults look more like this one than some of the boxy and odd-shaped ones of the past.

Under the curvaceous and attractive body (which will sadly probably not make it unchanged to the final version if the concept becomes a reality) is an electric motor that makes this the latest in Renault's zero emissions line. The Z in the DeZir name is a reference to this.

As with the Fluence and other Renault electric cars, the DeZir is designed to work with the company's Quick Drop battery swapping technology. The battery is said to be capable of taking the DeZir to a 100 mile range, and can be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in just 20 minutes.

This is more than just a low emissions car though, and Renault says it is capable of accelerating to 62mph in just five seconds. The battery system is mounted in a mid-rear position to improve the weight distribution and therefore the balance of the car.

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