Road pricing inevitable says RAC Foundation

A 'pay as you go' road charging system is inevitable if Britain is to avoid gridlock in the future according to the RAC Foundation.

The organisation claims that a 33 percent increase in traffic on the roads by 2025, a fall in funding for roads from the Government and reduced income from fuel duty as cars get more efficient will all contribute to overwhelm the UK's roads.
"In terms of keeping the country moving we are almost at the end of the road. The population is rising and traffic is forecast to grow too," said Professor Glaister. "Something needs to be done. At the moment, nothing is."

The Foundation also claims that an Ipsos Mori survey shows that the majority of road users think a pay-per-mile scheme would have an effect on their driving. The survey claims 58 percent of motorists say such a system would make them think more about how they drive.

Glaister insists any pay-per-mile system must come with several changes to the existing motoring funding methods, including a cut to fuel duty and road tax, reliable journey times and compensation to drivers that are delayed.

The Coalition Government has already confirmed it will not be introducing new road tolls onto existing routes, but has not ruled out attaching them to new roads. The Department for Transport has cited the M6 toll road as an example of how new roads can be funded using private money.
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