Hamilton invites father to British GP

Lewis Hamilton's father has not yet accepted an invitation to attend his first race since their professional split.

Anthony Hamilton was the McLaren driver's ever-present manager for his first three seasons in formula one, but 25-year-old Hamilton told his father he wanted to go it alone in 2010 and beyond.

Hamilton Snr has therefore stayed away from every race of this season, with Lewis recently revealing they are only now putting their personal relationship back together.

British newspapers reveal that Hamilton has invited his family, including his father, to Silverstone this weekend.
"I think he's coming," he is quoted as saying, confirming that their relationship is "not yet" back to 100 per cent.

"I have invited him. I've invited all my family. I think he's going on Saturday night.

"I have got grandstand tickets so I said you can choose whether you want to be in the paddock or you can go in the grandstand.

"He should go into the paddock, but then he should go and experience something different because he has always watched it either from TV or in the paddock," added Hamilton.

But the 2008 world champion said he does not regret seeking a new manager, because being without his father this year has allowed him to develop.

"It really has, it really has," he confirmed. "I've just grown. I'm still learning so many things and I'm pretty much managing myself now -- taking the reins and controlling things.

"I feel quite proud that I've not just rushed into this or that (new) management and that I've told people to be patient," said Hamilton.
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