Video: New Need for Speed game promises gamers another dimension

Nic Cackett

Just in case you were under the impression that Gran Turismo 5 was the only game worth waiting for this summer, Electronic Arts arrived at this month's E3 conference with a reveal trailer of their own.

Need for Speed is an even longer running franchise than Turismo, and isn't quite as concerned with the pious level of realism its rival subscribes to. EA's game is more focused on accessible arcade-style fun, and the latest title returns to the series roots – epic police chases.

Dubbed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the game lets you choose between playing as a racer or a cop through a vast open world environment which will support the latest 3D displays when it's released in November.

Don't think playing as the law means you're stuck in panda cars either – click below to see the Mad Max-like reveal of the world's finest exotica in uniform.