F1 to clarify test ban amid Ferrari criticism

The testing regulations will be clarified amid concerns Ferrari breached the "spirit" of the in-season ban.

Red Bull's Christian Horner this weekend accused a "naughty" Ferrari of breaching the "spirit" of the agreement by testing its new exhaust layout at Fiorano last week.

Ferrari argues that the run was allowed because "filming and promotional" activities were taking place, and FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh on Saturday said the teams association will react.
"I didn't think they (the rules) needed clarification, but for some they clearly do," he said.

"It isn't ambiguous in my English interpretation of it, but others obviously thought it was.

"That's why we have to remove that ambiguity, and I think we are going to do the correct and honourable thing."

Whitmarsh made clear that, like Ferrari, teams including Mercedes and Renault have also made "some arguable decisions" with regards to the rules about in-season testing.

"Once one does it then everybody feels 'well, if that's how you are going to interpret something, then I'll push it to the limit'," said the Briton.

He made clear that when McLaren tries its Red Bull-like exhaust layout next week, it will do so with one of its allocation of straightline test days.

Whitmarsh also thinks it is time F1 relaxed its approach to in-season testing.

"We had to take significant measures given the crisis involving the economy and formula one," he said.

"I think now, as we can see signs of the economy improving, we can go back to testing."
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