One killed as former Mazda employee drives car into factory workers

One person was killed and others injured at a Mazda factory in Japan when a former employee deliberately drove his car at workers.

In two separate incidents, Toshiaki Hijiki struck eleven people at Mazda's main assembly plant in Hiroshima. He fled the scene, but was later arrested by police.

A 39-year-old man was killed in the attack, which occurred as the workers arrived at the factory in the morning. Of the ten others who were injured, two are said to be seriously hurt. The police confirmed that Hijiki had been carrying a knife and was intending to kill more people.

Mazda confirmed that he had been a former employee of the factory, but had only worked there for a brief period which ended in April this year.

Police believe Hijiki had been harbouring a grudge against the company. His attack recalls the Tomohiro Kato's stabbing of seven people in 2008 after voicing his dissatisfaction with another manufacturer over temporary employment.
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