Best kitchen gadgets

Some of the coolest gadgets around are those designed to make life easier in the kitchen. There seems to be no end to the innovation available when it comes to culinary devices. Whether it's the ultimate potato masher or the coolest toaster around our top ten will help you find that must have gadget.

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DeLonghi Perfecta ESAM 5400 coffee machine. This machine makes freshly brewed espresso and cappuccino perfectly at just the touch of a button. The rotating dial with electronic display allows you to control the strength and length of your coffee. Guide price £499

Metal Activ-Ball gift set. A device to remove the most stubborn corks with ease. Once removed, the cork is automatically ejected from the screw so it's easy to open more than one bottle. Great for parties as it keeps the wine flowing.
Guide price £30

Joseph Joseph Smasher. Potato mashing is a tiring task at the best of times. Whether you use a fork or a blender it's still a chore. Hand mashers are ok but are usually metal, which will ruin your non-stick. This offering from the British kitchenware designers Joseph Joseph, is plastic and clever. The spring-loaded device means all you have to do is pump it. Guide price £12.00

River Cottage chestnut roaster. A great tool when you want to roast chestnuts over an open fire in the winter. Cast iron, with a handle long enough to keep you away from the heat. Fresh roasted chestnuts are far better than pre-cooked or even oven-baked ones. Guide price £21 from the River Cottage online shop.

Magimix Vision toaster with bin. Inside are quartz heating elements, kept safe by a type of double glazing. This insulated and toughened glass keeps the device's casing cool, while offering a window on the progress of your breakfast. Burnt toast should be a thing of the past. Guide price: £160

Co-operative Xest insulated stainless steel teapot. Not just an ordinary teapot, beneath that shiny exterior is a neat concept that will keep your tea piping hot for hours. No more tea-cosies, it uses the same technology as a vacuum flask. Guide price: £40

The Power Plant growing machine. This gadget uses the same technology that allows scientists to grow plants in space. No mess or soil required. The plants' roots are sprayed with microjets of nutrient-rich water, ensuring healthy, fast-growing plants. Guide price: £35

Stonebake pizza oven. Create your own pizzas that taste just like your favourite take-away. This piece of kit does the job for you. Working like a stone-lined sandwich toaster it crisps the dough to perfection. Guide price: £59.95

Alessi Mix It blender. A wall mount makes sure this stainless steel blender is to hand at all times for blitzing and mixing. Elegantly designed, it's a great buy for cooks who like their appliances to look the part. Guide price: £82

DS Cooking Guide. With 250 recipes it boasts a function that allows you to enter a list of the ingredients you have in the house, and then recommends what you can create with them. If you are busy chopping that's fine as it responds to vocal commands. Guide price: £14.99
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