Ferrari confirms new exhaust layout for 2010 car

Ferrari has confirmed that a new exhaust system is among the changes to its 2010 car to debut on the streets of Valencia this weekend.

It has been reported that the revised F10, tested by Fernando Alonso at Fiorano and seen on a fan video posted on the internet, features a Red Bull-like layout for the exhausts.

Ferrari also revealed that test driver Marc Gene was at the wheel of the car for an aerodynamic test at Vairano last week.
The low-mounted exhausts, located directly ahead of the double diffuser, are tipped to slice up to half a second off laptimes.

Maranello based Ferrari on Tuesday confirmed that the Valencia upgrade includes "several modifications and updates", although "not quite as far-reaching or extensive as (the) reports have suggested!"

The team said: "The most significant feature is a new configuration for the exhaust system, aimed at improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the car."
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