Wedding hair ideas

Caroline Cassidy

You've set the date and want to make sure you look your very best on the big day. Your hair will be your crowning glory but how can you make sure it's perfect on your wedding day? It will take planning and the earlier you start the better. If you want to look catwalk perfect then it will take preparation and practice. Here are a few tips on getting your hair just right.

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Giving yourself enough time means you have the chance to get your hair into great condition. It may also be possible to have some practice runs with your hairdresser to find out which styles and colours work best for you. Make sure you find a hairdresser you trust and who is familiar with your hair.

The key to great wedding day styles is choosing the right products to ensure that your "look" stays perfect all day long. Treat yourself to regular conditioning treatment in the time you have leading up to your wedding day. For extra condition try using a paddle brush and brush daily.

To ensure you maintain good condition give you hair a break from harsh styling methods and equipment.

If you are looking for inspiration then why not try collecting pictures of possible hairstyles from all different magazines you like? Make a short list and talk them over with your hairdresser, preferably months before your big day.

If you have chosen to have flowers in your hair it's a good idea to have a trial run with your hairdresser well beforehand. Why not include your veil/ tiara when at last you finalize the style you have decided upon.

You might have picked an updo hairstyle for the day, if so make sure you wash your hair the night before as hair washed on the day will be harder to manage.

Finally, it's a good idea to have a few tricks hidden away for your big day. Keep a stash of hairgrips and pins, preferably in a shade similar to your hair colour, as well as a hairbrush, tail comb, hairspray and shine spray.