Video: Mini starts building some hurting bombs

Hats off to Mini – it's not giving up on its attempt to drag Porsche to Road Atlanta for a race. This humorous video is just its latest stunt in a social media Blitzkrieg.

Copied almost frame for frame from the training montage in Rocky IV, the short film shows the Mini Cooper bulking up for its forthcoming contest with the Teutonic Porsche 911.

Positioning the Mini as the Rocky-esque plucky upstart against the soulless Ivan Drago-jawed Porsche is ideal for the sheer cheek of the challenge, but we do wonder how long the manufacturer has had the video in the can. There's every chance Mini is going to go ahead with the race whether Porsche officially gets involved or not – Mini has even put out an advert looking for someone to drive a Porsche should its rivals fail to show up.

Click below to watch the video.
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