Renault to go ahead with Zoe name

Despite the protestations of a young lady in France, it seems Renault is going to stick with the name Zoe for its electric supermini when it makes it to production in 2012.

A Renault insider has said that the name is not just intended for the concept and will feature on the final version that goes on sale.
Zoe Renault has launched a legal attempt to prevent the car maker from using her name on the electric car, but the brand looks set to ignore this and carry on with the name regardless.

The 23-year-old Parisian woman said at the time of her legal challenge that she would not be able to cope with her association with the car, saying she could not bear hearing 'Zoe has broken down' or 'We need to get Zoe overhauled.'

We look forward to seeing how Ms Renault responds to this should the name become official and whether she carries through her slightly silly threat to take a multi-national car company to court over the use of a name which has been around for centuries.
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