Hyundai spoofs Top Gear in new ix35 ad

Nic Cackett

South Africa seems to be enjoying English exports at the moment - it's hosting the world's biggest sporting event (based on a game we invented) and now the country's Hyundai division is promoting its newest car with a spoof of the world's biggest motoring show, our very own Top Gear.

The TV advert replaces Clarkson, May and Hammond with a deer, a tortoise and (inevitably) a hamster. It's mildly amusing stuff - thanks largely to an almost pitch perfect impression of Clarkson's unique delivery - and Hyundai must be delighted with the internet coverage it's brought the ix35.

But surely they could have come up with a better name than Top Deer? Still, anything from South Africa which doesn't have a huge horn-blowing soundtrack on it is pretty welcome at the moment.

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