Video: Dodge fuels patriotic World Cup fervour

Nic Cackett

It doesn't take much for the average American's capacity for patriotic fervour to be sparked, so a World Cup tie between England and the US was more than enough for Dodge to justify screening this brand-building ad last week.

The manufacturer has created an imaginary battlefield that sees British Redcoats being chased from a fight with American revolutionaries by Dodge Challengers – led, of course, by George Washington. This amusing scene is followed by the tagline "Here's a couple of things America got right: cars, and freedom."

We were amused. Our stiff upper lips didn't waiver. We could highlight some trifling issues with the tagline – such as the fact that the US didn't invent the car and has never really got the hang of building them properly, and the American 'Freedom' established in 1776 heralded 90 years of slavery for people of the the wrong colour – but we just wouldn't do that.

It's just not the done thing.