Pilots banned from airport after racing car on runway

Every petrol head passing through a major airport has surveyed the empty tarmac and longed for half an hour to play around in something quick – we know we have.

It seems that temptation proved too much for two pilots in New Zealand, as they sneaked into their place of work at night to race a car.

The pair used their security passes to gain access to restricted parts of the international airport in Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island.

They have now been banned from the airport for two years, which does slightly compromise their ability to do their jobs.

Their midnight playing session was captured on CCTV and was also witnessed by contractors working at the airport. The two have not been identified, but they reportedly told the authorities that they were not drunk at the time.

The chief executive of the airport slammed the pair, saying: "They put people's lives at risk and abused their access privileges given with position, trust and status."

Their late night drive might have scratched a big itch and answered a lot of 'what ifs' for the two pilots, but, while it was probably fun at the time, we can't help but think that hiring a local track might have been cheaper and easier in the long run.
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