Live from the launch: from one green to another

Volkswagen is letting us catch up with all its new models today, with the full range on offer.

The sheer breadth of the German brand's offering is indicated by the two cars we've driven so far.

The current baby of the VW range, the Polo, is now available in its cleanest and greenest form - the Bluemotion.

Powered by a small 1.2-litre diesel engine, it emits 91g/km and should be good for around 80mpg. While the dash computer suggests this should be possible, it takes a little bit of effort to attune yourself to the long gearing.

You spend more time in lower gears than you might think as a result and the engine will happily sit at low revs and build speed slowly. It will give you a bit of power to accelerate past slower cars should you need, but not at great pace.

It is quiet for an Eco-minded diesel car though, and doesn't feel compromised in the way such cars have in the past.

Sat next to the Polo is something that could also be classed as green - this Scirocco R. As Nic thought when he tested it recently, it suits the manual box well, but we're not so sure on this paintjob...
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