Thrilling finish on cards at Le Mans

The battle for the lead at Le Mans is coming to a head with Peugeot clawing back precious seconds every lap to move within striking distance of the two Audis.

However, with four more hours to go there is much racing still to be had and a potential grandstand finale on the cards.
After the leading Peugeot with Franck Montagny at the wheel had to park-up early in the day, it seemed that an Audi double victory was inevitable. But Peugeot has not yet written off the overall win and with Anthony Davidson at the wheel has given chase.

In the last two hours the Briton has pushed his car to the limit reducing the leading margin of the Audis to one lap. The Audi of Rockefeller/Bernhard/Dumas is still leading ahead of the second racer from Ingolstadt of Lotterer/Fässler/Tréluyer. When Alexander Wurz took over from Davidson he put in some equally impressive laps.

Aston Martin has had an eventful couple of hours as it continues to prove it's best of the petrol cars. While the 009 car driven by Juan Barazi spun into the gravel, 008 suffered a worse fate when Pierre Rague missed a braking point, flew off the track and became stuck in the tyre barrier.

After several minutes the track marshals succeeded in pulling him out and the Frenchman dragged his severely wrecked car back to the pit.

GT2 has been equally eventful; Oliver Garvin had to abandon his smoking Corvette by the track while Giancarlo Fisichella drove into the emergency exit at Indianapolis, damaging his Ferrari. The number 95 is back on the track, but has had to give up second place in class. The AF Corse SRL team confirmed it was a technical fault.

The Porsche 997 GT3 RSR of Louis Machiels has also been in the wars. The Belgian buried his Porsche in the gravel and could only be freed with help from the track marshals. As 11am approached Jörg Müller had to take his BMW M3 into the pits for an unscheduled stop.

Overall after 20 of 24 hours:
1st Audi #9 (Rockenfeller/Bernhard/Dumas) 329 laps,
2nd Audi #8 (Lotterer/Fässler/Treluyer),
3rd Peugeot #1 (Wurz/Gene/Davidson),
4th Audi #7 (Kristensen/Capello/McNish),
5th Peugeot #4 (Panis/Lapierre/Pagenaud),
6th Aston Martin #009 (Turner/Hancock/Barazi)

LMP2 after 20 of 24 hours:
1st Strakka #42 (Leventis/Watts/Kane),
2nd OAK Racing #35 (Lahaye/Moreau/Charouz)
3rd RML #25 (Newton/Erdos/Wallace)
4th Highcroft #26 (Brabham/Franchitti/Werner),
5th Bruichladdich #41 (Ojjeh/Greaves/Chalandon),
6th OAK Racing #24 (Nicolet/Yvon/Hein)

LMGT1 after 20 of 24 hours:
1st Saleen #50 (Berville/Canal/Gardel),
2nd Aston Martin #52 (Nygaard/Enge/Kox),
3rd Corvette #72 (Gregoire/Policand/Hart)

LMGT2 after 20 of 24 hours:
1st Porsche #77 (Lieb/Lietz/Henzler),
2nd Ferrari #89 (Farnbacher/Simonsen/Keen),
3rd Porsche #97 (Westbrook/Holzer/Scheider),
4th Ferrari #95 (Fisichella/Alesi/Vilander),
5th BMW Motorsport #78 (Müller/Alzen/Farfus)
6th Porsche #76 (Narac/Pilet/Long)
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