Peugeot has everything under control

Stephan Heublein

Peugeot continues to control the tempo at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Even though the remaining three vehicles have to act much more cautiously, the Audi can be kept at a distance. After 98 rounds the previous year's winners around Alexander Wurz lie directly in front of their team colleagues in position 2. The sister car from the Oreca team follows in third position.

Audi, however, has other worries: in the fifth hour of racing there was a fierce war of words between BMW team boss Charly Lamm and Audi motorsport chief Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. This followed a near-collision between Andy Priaulx and Tom Kristensen, in which above all the Audi number 7 with the Le Mans record winner was particularly affected.

So what had happened? Andy Priaulx was slowly rolling in the direction of pit lane with a front left puncture, keeping well to the left, when the Audi shot up from the rear. Kristensen landed in the gravel, span and drove into the tyre barrier. Fortunately the Dane could be freed from his predicament and the repair stop was not particularly long. But a lot of time was lost anyway – a whole three rounds.