Audi slowly catches up at Le Mans

Night has fallen at Le Mans and a chink in the Peugeot armour has finally opened with the leading car running into trouble.

Alexander Wurz, Marc Gene and Anthony Davidson had extended their lead to nearly two minutes when they had to come in for a pit stop because of electronic problems. The unscheduled stop cost them three laps and the lead.

Even their #2 car which had taken the lead was not running well. Nicolas Minassian, who had handed the car over to Franck Montagny, complained about its bad handling characteristics – it had a lot of understeer, particularly in fast corners, making high speed driving extremely challenging.
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Audi slowly catches up at Le Mans

Due to this, Audi slipped down to third place behind the private Oreca-Peugeot. Now one lap behind, the #8 with Benoit Treluyer at the wheel pursued the speedy French car, with Mike Rockenfeller directly behind him in the #9 Audi. Shortly before, the DTM driver experienced a hairy moment as he briefly left the track in the Porsche Curves, but he was able to drive on.

Stefan Mücke has also been able to benefit, he has moved up to fifth place with his number 007 Aston Martin, the best petrol-powered vehicle in the field. However, he is three laps behind the leaders.

The picture is unchanged in the GT classes. In the LMGT1, the Ford GT number 60 from Matech Competition continues in the lead, in the LMGT2, the duel between Corvette and Ferrari seems to have come to a premature end - the number 82 Ferrari was pushed into the pit with a gearbox problem.

Overall after 10 of 24 hours:

1st Peugeot #2 (Minassian/Sarrazin/Montagny) 163 laps,
2nd Peugeot #4 (Panis/Lapierre/Pagenaud),
3rd Audi #9 (Rockenfeller/Bernhard/Dumas),
4th Audi #8 (Lotterer/Fässler/Treluyer),
5th Audi #7 (Kristensen, Capello, McNish)
6th Peugeot #1 (Wurz/Gene/Davidson)

LMP2 after 10 of 24 hours:
1st Strakka #42 (Leventis/Watts/Kane),
2nd Highcroft #26 (Brabham/Franchitti/Werner),
3rd OAK Racing #35 (Lahaye/Moreau/Charouz),
4th Quifel ASM #40 (Amaral/Pla/Hughes),
5th RML #25 (Newton/Erdos/Wallace),
6th Bruichladdich #41

LMGT1 after 10 of 24 hours:

1st Saleen #50 (Berville/Canal/Gardel),
2nd Corvette #73 (Jousse/Massen/Goueslard),
3rd Ford #60 (Mutsch/Grosjean/Hirschi),
4th Corvette #72 (Gregoire/Policand/Hart),
5th Aston Martin #52 (Nygaard/Enge/Kox),
6th Lamborghini #69 (Yogo/Yamanishi/Iiri)

LMGT2 after 10 of 24 hours:
1st Corvette #64 (Gavin/Beretta/Collard),
2nd Corvette #63 (Magnussen/O'Connell/Garcia),
3rd Porsche #77 (Lieb/Lietz/Henzler),
4th Porsche #76 (Narac/Pilet/Long),
5th Ferrari #95 (Fisichella/Alesi/Vilander),
6th Ferrari #89 (Farnbacher/Simonsen/Keen)
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