First Hydrogen cars to go on test on Leicester streets

Leicester will play host to the first long term test of hydrogen cars on public roads when 30 cars hit the streets in 2012.

Riversimple, a British company based in Shropshire, has announced that it will be testing 30 of the vehicles for a 12 month period, starting in the spring of 2012.The company claims that the two-seater Riversimple car has a range of 240 miles and has a top speed of 50mph. It should manage the equivalent of 300mpg. It will be leased to a variety of users, including businesses, fleet drivers, car sharing clubs and private individuals. Customers will pay around £200 a month to lease the cars, and then pay 15p a mile, in a scheme similar to a mobile phone contract.

Leicester council will work with the users to set up appropriate fuelling stations. Should the scheme be a success, then Riversimple has said it will aim to produce 5,000 cars a year, and would consider building a factory in Leicester to do so.

Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary, has leant his support to the scheme, saying: "A radical transformation of our transport network is needed in the next forty years and this is another great example of British innovation developing low carbon solutions to bring that about."
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