Video: 735bhp Nissan GT-R annihilates Bugatti Veyron

Nic Cackett

Poor old Bugatti. You toil for years to build the fastest car the world has ever seen, and as soon as everyone proclaims it an engineering masterpiece, every tuner with a laptop and a spanner queues up to try and beat it in a straight line.

We saw recently how well a standard Nissan GT-R did against a Lexus LFA, but armed with the 735 horses that Ohio-based tuner Switzer has added, it eats Veyrons for breakfast.

We love the GT-R of course, and would happily sell off family members for a go in the Switzer P800 version, but that doesn't stop us feeling a little sorry for the Volkswagen group's hypercar. Watching this video is a little like seeing Michael Schumacher get overtaken by Nico Rosberg – believable, but somehow inappropriate.

Click below to see what we mean.