Sultan stops sons from going to court over who gets the keys to the Bentley

Family feuds amongst male siblings over who gets to use their father's car at the weekend are not uncommon, but it's hardly a matter for the highest court in that land.

Unless you happen to be the sons of a Malaysian Sultan, and the car in question is a 184mph Bentley Brooklands.

Last September, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry took his older brother, Tengku Muhammad Faris, to the Kuala Lumpur High Court in an effort to prove his right to use the British supercar.

Apparently Faris began using the Bentley last summer, and refused to give it back. Well, you know how older brothers can be.

Fakhry stopped stamping his feet long enough to call the lawyers, and insisted that despite not appearing on the registration document, he had paid for use of the car in 2008, and had a legal right to drive it.

Unfortunately a higher power stepped between the brothers before the world was treated to the spectacle of two wealthy men throwing a legal hissy fit over who got the keys to a £330,000 car that weekend.

Fakhry's lawyer has withdrawn his client's claim on the wishes of his father. Apparently the Sultan will decide which of his sons gets to drive his Bentley.


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