Loophole could clear speeding drivers

Drivers caught speeding on a new Welsh bypass could have their punishments revoked after it emerged the temporary speed limits may have been illegal.

Caenarfon Magistrates Court heard that the local council had failed to follow the correct procedure when installing a temporary 30mph speed limit on a bypass at Clynnog-fawr, between Pwllheli and Caernarfon.
The court was told that people caught driving faster than 30mph, but slower than 60mph would have been illegally fined, and any motorist that was caught would have the points on their licence removed as a result.

The inconsistencies in the limit's application came to light as a result of a case where a driver was caught speeding at 83mph along the road. His points and fine remained in place, but his solicitor, Michael Strain, is now representing five other motorists who were caught speeding on the same stretch of road.

"Something like this could mean someone could lose their licence, their job and their house," Mr Strain told the BBC Wales News website.

It is not known how many drivers might be affected, and the case remains under review for the time being.
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