Video: Tommi Makinen puts the new Subaru WRX STI through its paces

Nic Cackett

Plenty of manufacturers run their new performance cars around the Nordschleife circuit at the Nurburgring, but few do it with an ex-rally world champion at the helm and an HD-camera capturing the action.

Subaru's press office might have left their sticky fingerprints all over Tommi Makinen's lap in the new WRX STI saloon, but we're not complaining. The expensive-looking graphical overlays give a neat insight into the track's complex layout and it's always a pleasure to watch the flying Finn at work.

Makinen complimented the WRX's predictable handling at pace afterwards (he certainly seems relaxed) and recorded a 7min 55 sec lap in the test car – four seconds faster than the Subaru's previous quickest lap.

Impressive, but we were left wondering how the new Cosworth Impreza would match up. Time for Subaru UK to step up to the plate...

Click below to watch the video.