F1 drivers may face track sanctions for road offences

Formula One drivers guilty of committing serious motoring offences on the public road may face penalties on the track if the FIA president gets his way.

Jean Todt has made it clear that he doesn't believe F1's highly-paid stars should be able to race with impunity if they cannot follow the rules of the road.
In an interview with the Le Parisien newspaper, Todt said: ''There is anincompatibility between the status of a role model champion, and a possible infringement on the road. A driver is a driver like the others. We are therefore trying to see whether to do something, and how.''

Todt has made it clear that he considers the promotion of road safety an important part of his role at the pinnacle of motorsport.

''Last year, 1.3 million people died on roads in the world - 90 percent in developing countries.

''The forecasts for 2020 are terrible, and they estimate that nearly two million people will be killed if no action is taken by then. Now, with a minimum of dialogue, that figure could be halved. This requires education, improved road networks, and the involvement of new technology on cars.''

F1 drivers have been known to flout the highway code in the past. Lewis Hamilton's wheel-spinning display at Australia this year was only the most recent example - the German authorities were distinctly unimpressed in 2007 when they learned that Michael Schumacher had driven a taxi at full throttle to ensure his family made a flight.
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