Video: Penny farthing reborn as 'Monsterbike'

We are not the most knowledgeable on the topic of bikes here at Autoblog - the only pedals we put our feet on are attached to an internal combustion engine - but we couldn't resist the allure of the so-called Monsterbike.

The pimped-up penny farthing uses what looks like a tractor tyre for the front wheel, and has rear-wheel steering courtesy of some tiny wheels that look like they would be more at home on a pram.

Slow and ungainly it might be, but it's clearly a work of genius. We're not entirely sure which European city this video heralds from, but by the look of Monsterbike, the guy riding it and the chilled out attitude of passers by, we're guessing Amsterdam.

Click below to watch.

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