Video: IndyCar rookie lucky to escape terrifying blaze

Professional motorsport is a dangerous occupation, but at least these days drivers take to the track safe in the knowledge that they are surrounded by a plethora of emergency services should anything go wrong.

This video then, shot at the Texas Motor Speedway last weekend, will make particularly uncomfortable viewing for the pros. Simona de Silvestro was lucky to escape this fiery crash with only burns to her right hand after marshals took an astonishing 25 seconds to get her out of the car.

Apparently their reticence to put out the blaze was down to faulty equipment (almost unforgivable in the case of fire-fighting gear) and the intense heat of the fire obviously made it difficult to assist the stricken rookie in getting out of the car. Frantic yanking comes to the rescue, but hopefully the safety team at Texas speedway learnt some important lessons.

Click below to watch.

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