The worst airline for baggage problems

Getting to your holiday destination and finding that your bag didn't make it can easily ruin a holiday. Who wants to start their relaxing break with an hour-long haggle with the airport staff about how much money they need to replace their holiday wardrobe? And a few days in the same underwear and the finest T-shirts available from tourists stands near the hotel can easily lead to a sense of humour failure.

Some airlines are worse than others for delaying or losing passengers' baggage. Which is the worst?

In recent years, UK travellers have had the most baggage problems when flying with British Airways, according to a survey by insurance company LV. One in nearly four BA passengers have had their luggage lost, damaged or delayed in the past five years.

However, it's not as clear cut as having to pack several changes of clothes in your hand luggage if you fly with BA.

The airline the figure was "complete rubbish" and pointed out that its baggage performance had dramatically improved since Terminal 5 opened at Heathrow two years ago.

Virgin Atlantic was the second worst airline, where one in eight passengers suffered luggage problems. Dubai-based carrier Emirates came third, with one in nine people affected and easyJet was fourth with one in 11.

Ryanair was fifth, with one in 12. Frankly it's a shock they get to lose any luggage at all given that most people pledge not to take a suitcase when they fly Ryanair as the charges can easily top the price of the ticket. It must make it particularly galling when your luggage goes astray.

Overall, 29% of passengers endured lost, damaged or delayed luggage after checking in during the last five years. Depressingly, only a quarter of those whose luggage was damaged received compensation from the airline, and those who were compensated got just £72, on average.

The survey also showed that 30% of travellers waited three months or longer to be compensated for their damaged luggage. A total of 38% had to wait for between one week and a month, while just 20% were compensated for the damage within a week. When it comes to lost luggage, only 27% were reunited with their bags within 24 hours.

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