Canary Wharf's motor show begins today - and it's free

The London Motor Show might have died a shameful death, but the much smaller affair held at Canary Wharf successfully moved into its 15th year today.

Motorexpo 2010, which runs until June 13th, is situated between some of London's tallest towers (and handily for the manufacturers, its biggest banks) and will showcase a number of cars new to the UK.

The Mercedes SLS AMG is likely to make an appearance, as is the Bentley Continental GT Supersports Convertible, the Mini Countryman, Volvo S60 and MX-5 Superlight.

Former F1 World Champion, Nigel Mansell will also be dropping in to appear in a 'Question Time' session at the show in his capacity as president of the charity, UK Youth.

The organisers estimate that around 400,000 people will make their way to Canary Wharf during the next week – a number likely to be buoyed by good weather and the fact that Motorexpo remains completely free to visit.

But before you start looking at maps of the Docklands Light Railway, be sure to check back this afternoon and read Autoblog UK's live report from show.
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