Top venues to watch the World Cup

The World Cup is just around the corner and now is the time to start planning your viewing arrangements. If you're not lucky enough to be soaking up the atmosphere in South Africa there are still plenty of ways to catch all the action. The good news is that because of the small time difference you won't have to set the alarm, kick offs are scheduled at very civilised times. So, to make the most of your viewing pleasure here are some of the best ways to watch the World Cup.

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If you want to watch England's matches in 3D there will be 50 cinemas throughout the UK showing them live. It's a trend that's catching on and has already been successful showing the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. If this appeals to you then why not get in touch with your local cinema and see if they are one of the 50. Sony and FIFA say there will be around 800 cinemas worldwide showing the World Cup in 3D.

Get your friends around and watch it on HD. The good news for footy fans is that, unlike 3D, just about everyone in the UK will be able to watch the World Cup 2010 in HD. Many TV sets now have built in HD but you also have companies like Virgin and Sky offering platforms on which to catch all action. You can load the fridge up with appropriate refreshments and indulge yourself in the emotional rollercoaster that is watching England.

The Beeb is sharing all the coverage with ITV so there will be no shortage of pubs offering up extensive coverage. It's difficult to beat the atmosphere of the local when it's packed with fans. Of course, you will have to put up with waiting at the bar, spilling drinks and queuing for a comfort break but it will all be worth it if the scoreline is favourable at full time.

If you are really feeling adventurous you could leave it all behind and head for foreign shores. South Africa is an eleven hour flight away and although you may not be able to get tickets to the games you will be able to soak up all the atmosphere of the world's biggest football competition. Enjoy all the hospitality that South Africa has to offer, catching all the games on one of the many giant screens situated in the main cities.

If all else fails and you find yourself on a train or stuck in traffic miles from home then why not keep up to date with all the action on your phone or laptop? The BBC will stream all its matches live and the iPhone has an app to allow you to watch this. The BBC website has a list of phones that are compatible with its streaming facility. Your laptop can easily be adapted to show live footy when you are out and about. You will need a small USB device like an Eye TV DTT Deluxe, which will pick up Freeview for you.
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