Policeman pulls colleague for speeding to visit sick son

A traffic officer pulled over a colleague for speeding as he was heading home to visit his sick newborn son.

Christopher Walker was doing 68mph in a 30mph zone when he was pulled over by his colleague just after midnight on 16 March.
The road usually carries a limit of 70mph, but it had been reduced to 30 for roadworks.

The Northumbrian police officer said he had received the call that every parent dreads – his newly born son was seriously ill and he needed to come home as soon as possible. But his fellow officer, PC Sean Garwood, took no notice of his pleas for leniency and told him he would be prosecuted for the offence.

However, in a victory for common sense, South Tyneside magistrates decided that the situation was such that he should not be given the fine or the penalty points, saying that: "He acted perfectly reasonably given the circumstances."

The court heard that Walker's son had been experiencing health problems since birth, including suffering from jaundice, eating problems and weakness. When he got the call, Walker told his wife to contact the midwife and the ambulance before he set off.

Walker made no comment following the hearing, but his solicitor Geoffrey Forrester slammed Garwood for not assisting his client in an emergency.
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