Lucky knickers the key to passing your test?

Learner drivers are turning to lucky underwear, t shirts and cuddly toys in an attempt to make it through their test in the fewest attempts possible.

One pupil even turned up to her test in the t shirt she wore when she gave birth to her daughter and the trousers she was wearing before she conceived.
Others have resorted to saluting magpies, using aromatherapy oils or even carrying a lucky champagne cork, while some seek divine assistance through prayer beads or religious medals.

But sadly and somewhat predictably, The AA driving school, who carried out the research, says that the best preparation for your test is to make sure you pick a decent instructor and have plenty of lessons and practice.

The policy of flirting with your examiner may not work either - The AA recommends wearing loose fitting clothing and practical shoes on the day of your test.
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