Citroen, officially cooler than Apple

The Citroen DS3 is more desirable than Apple's new iPad, according to Stuff Magazine's annual Top 15 Cool List.

The countdown is not based on sales or popularity, but on quality and that 'elusive special something that has us reaching for our wallets in an entirely irrational way.'
That'll be music to Citroen's ears - especially as the manufacturer has worked hard to promote the DS3 as an urban trendsetter. The good-looking hatchback made onto the list at number six, ahead of the Cannondale ON Bike and the HTC Legend smartphone. The GenevaSound S iPod dock came top of the trendy list.

The DS3 is a direct competitor to the ultra-popular Mini Cooper. The car already had enough dynamic talent to worry BMW's best-selling supermini - now it looks like it might be getting the style kudos to match.

And the best news of all? Autoblog UK will soon be taking delivery of a top spec DS3 on long term test. We can't wait to see if it dramatically increases our frankly pretty low-level of cool around London's fashion conscious streets.
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