Video: Armed robbers very happy with their Audi A4s

Are we the only ones mildly fascinated by which cars professional criminals choose as getaway vehicles? Obviously this has something to do with the way Hollywood has programmed our adolescent minds, but we can't think of a more glowing recommendation for a manufacturer's product than having it selected for a heist.

Think about it. Your dramatic robbery takes months of planning and rehearsal – nothing must be left to chance – so when it comes to picking a car you do it right. Practicality, reliability and speed are all at the top of the list, and as you are a criminal, every car available is an option as you will be stealing it.

As those three main criteria are basically shared with every Dad looking through Auto Trader today, we feel it necessary to pay tribute to the previous generation Audi A4. As this video shows, the Avant model is clearly big enough to swallow 2.1 million Euros, as well as several men clutching assault rifles, and is still quick enough to make an escape through the Marseille traffic.

The hijackers' A4s were found burnt out not long after the robbery, but to search for legitimate used Audis click here

To watch the video click on the link below
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