Motorcyclists call to continue using bus lanes

London's motorcyclists have called on the mayor to allow them to continue using the city's bus lanes.

The 18 month initiative was introduced by Boris Johnson in January 2009, and is due to expire in July. The Mayor has not yet confirmed if the policy will be extended.
The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has claimed that the scheme has so far been a great success and called on Johnson to make it permanent feature of London's streets.

"It is clear that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes has been a positive step for motorcycling as a whole and a positive step for London, with increases in motorcycle use demonstrating this," said MCI's acting CEO Steve Kenward.

As well as asking for motorbikes to be allowed in bus lanes permanently, he called on the mayor and Transport for London to increase the education of London drivers so that they are more aware of bikes, motorised or otherwise.

"We consider it to be paramount that the positive thinking that is applied to reducing cycling vulnerabilities in bus lanes is also applied to motorcyclists," he said.
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