Ryanair ramp up extra charges for summer

You may soon find yourself spending more than a penny to use the toilets on Ryanair flights. The airline recently confirmed their plans to increase extra charges this summer covering baggage fees, credit card fees and even a planned toilet fee.

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Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary confirmed the low-cost airline's hold luggage fees will increase from £15 to £20 over the summer and a second item of hold luggage goes up from £35 to £40.

Should you forget to check in online and have to do so at the airport, your hold luggage fee will go up to a whopping £40 for the first piece and £80 for the second.

Ryanair claim they are encouraging passengers to travel light. However Rochelle Turner, head of research at Which? Holiday, disagrees.

She said: "Ryanair might claim that they are incentivising people to travel light, but we think it is more a case of penalising those families who can only go away on holiday at this time. Having to pay an extra for checking in bags during July and August is unfair."

Travelsupermarket.com's Bob Atkinson said: "This is cynical exploitation from Ryanair and a real blow for families travelling on a budget."

Since families with young children are forced to bring lots of luggage with them, it seems they will be the ones hit hardest by Ryanair's new charges.

It's clear that Ryanair's extra charges are boosting their profits. Last year they reported profits of £281 million, while the previous year they had a loss of £150 million.

And while they continue to introduce new charges such as the planned £1 toilet fee, their profits will only increase further.

Will you book Ryanair flights in future regardless of the hiked up fees? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.
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