Marko no longer blames Webber for crash - Horner

Helmut Marko no longer thinks Mark Webber was to blame for the collision that foiled Red Bull's one-two finish in the recent Turkish grand prix.

Marko, the energy drinks company's motor sport advisor, had initially blamed the Australian driver for the crash, despite most experts, pundits and former drivers believing his teammate Sebastian Vettel had turned into the side of Webber's sister RB6.

In an interview provided by the Milton Keynes-based team on Tuesday, team boss Christian Horner said he blames both drivers for the crash.

"Having looked at all the information it's clear that it was a racing accident that shouldn't have happened between two teammates.
"After looking at all the facts that weren't available immediately after the race, Dr Marko also fully shares this view," Horner added.

But while most non-Red Bull team members thought 22-year-old Vettel was to blame, Horner said he thought it "acceptable" that the German tried the move on lap 40.

"Ultimately both drivers should have given each other more room," he said, confirming that Webber had been asked to switch to a fuel-saving engine mode whilst Vettel was able to run at full speed for a couple more laps.

"He (Vettel) appeared to be the faster of the two Red Bull drivers. Had the incident not have happened, I believe we would have achieved a one-two finish," added Horner.
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