All change for the driving test on its 75th birthday?

The driving test might have just celebrated its 75th birthday, but motoring organisations are already calling for the constantly updated examination to be further amended so that it keeps pace with the demands of driving in the UK today.

What Car is leading calls for the test to now include motorway driving, while the Institute of Advanced Motorists wants to see rural roads made a compulsory part of the assessment.
"It's ludicrous that as soon as learners get their full licence they can drive on the fastest and arguably the most intimidating roads in the country without having any relevant experience," said Paul Atkinson, of the What Car? Driving School.

The IAM points out that 71 per cent of road fatalities occur on rural roads, but does say that the test is not the whole answer to the problem.

"It is improving the driver which will make the single biggest improvement to road safety in the future, and drivers need to take it upon themselves to adopt a lifelong learning approach," said Peter Rodger, the IAM's chief examiner.

What do you think should be introduced to the test - is it too hard or too easy? Let us know on our poll and below.
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